Hard Face Welding
The SurfAlloy hard facing process uses a high energy electric arc and constriction of inert gases to produce an ionized plasma column. Powdered metal is added to the plasma column creating a liquid puddle that metallurgically bonds to the base material.  Alloy coating is fusion bonded not chemically or mechanically bonded.

- Dilution of the coating by base materials is less than 10%, making single pass coating practical.
- Finish machining is easier and quicker.
- Coating can be deposited from .060” to .500”
- Powder Arc Welding process is an excellent method of applying high quality low dilution coatings for a wide variety of industrial applications.

Advantages of Power Arc Welding:
- High density
- No porosity
- No inclusions
- True metallurgical bond with base material
- Reduced heat input prevents undesirable changes to the base material
- Low amperage and small heat affected zone means distortion is minimized and less thermal stress is induced into the base material

- Forging Tools
- Tool and Die Resurfacing
- Glass Mould Resurfacing
- Wear Plate Overlays
- Valve Rebuilding
- Mining Equipment Resurfacing
- Mixing Blades
- Hammermills
- Fan Blades
- Scraper Blades
- Knives




Common Alloys:
- Iron-Based Alloys
- Nickel-Based Alloys
- Cobalt-Based Alloys
- Tungsten Carbide
An extensive line of powders is available to satisfy coating requirements such as resistance to galling, impact and chemical and heat corrosion. Customized alloys can be designed to meet more specific coating needs.