Arc Spray

The twin wire arc process also known as “Arc Spray” melts two wires simultaneously and propels the atomized particles toward the deposition substrate with compressed air. Surface preparation is required. Usually grit blasting is used to texture the substrate. This allows the molten particles to key into the parent material and creates very high bond strengths.

Arc spray is an excellent low cost process for wear, dimensional restoration, electrical conductivity and friction surfaces.

Coating can be applied to the O.D., I.D. to 6” and flat surfaces. All areas where coating is not permitted will have to be masked off to protect it from grit blasting as well as the arc spray process. The process is a low heat input process. However, distortion can occur by grit blasting and arc spraying thin materials.



- High deposition rate
- High particle velocity
- Dense coating
- Focused narrow spray pattern
- Excellent bond strength
- Uniform microstructure
- Low heat input process
Common Alloys:
- Stainless Steel
- Nickel Chrome
- Carbon Steel (high & low)
- Cobalt Nickel Chrome
- Aluminum Bronze
- Titanium
- Kirksite
- Babitt
- Dimensional Restoration
- Wear Plates
- Rebuild Shafts & Bearings
- Pump Seals
- Mixing Blades
- Tool and Die Repair
- Printing Rolls