Tungsten Carbide Coating & Hard Face Welding
The SurfAlloy Process
An electronically controlled pulsed-arc micro welding process which metallurgically bonds tungsten carbide uniformly to a steel substrate. Our tungsten carbide coating works at near-ambient temperatures to ensure that your work piece doesn’t become embrittled or warped; we can even surface treat hardened parts. We can treat the same tools many times, virtually eliminating your need to buy replacements.
- Tools can be resurfaced not replaced
- Increased gripping power
- Carbide coating increases tool life
- Treatment cost a fraction of replacement tooling
- Decreases downtime
- Tungsten carbide coating surface hardness is up to 74 Rc
- Excellent uniformity
- No thermal distortion due to the low heat input process
- True metallurgical bond
- Carbide coating will not chip, peel or flake
- In most cases clamping pressure can be reduced
- Increase machining rates with additional gripping power
- Tools can be accurately masked off
- Increase or decrease the coefficient of friction



Turnaround Time:
- Normal Service 2-3 days
- One Day Service 10% Additional
- Same Day Service 25% Additional

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